Monday, January 17, 2011

The Real Purpose of Ladies' Night

Ladies' Night, a night in where a bar or club gives women a discount on drinks or lets them drink for free, is not in fact a program to benefit women. The purpose of Ladies' Night is actually to lure in more male customers with the promise of lots of extra women, hopefully intoxicated.

Much of the nightclub scene is based on satisfying male patrons. Fliers benefiting a club and its various events and themed nights feature sexy, half naked women. Clubs sometimes have scantily clad female performers dancing on platforms or in cages as entertainment. The music is often about men going to the club to find women to have sex with, or women talking about how hot they are in hopes of being chosen by a man. Bouncers are often instructed to only let in attractive, young women. There's the classic image of ordinary looking women standing in line while hot chicks walk right up to the door and are let in immediately.

Ladies' Night is the worst. Its purpose is to lure women in with the promise of cheap or free drinks. This way, the club has lots of drunk women, which benefits the guys. Ever wonder why there's no Men's Night? No self-respecting woman would want to go to a club where they'd be surrounded by drunk guys, it's creepy.

Now, I could leave the issue alone and just be grateful for free drinks, but I really have a problem with women being treated like commodities in night clubs - their bodies a way to lure in and entertain male patrons, as if they themselves are not valuable customers but instead mere merchandise.

To me, it's just not worth the free booze.

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