Saturday, April 2, 2011

Relevation: A Short, Personal Story

Last night I went to a fancy event. Well, it wasn't that fancy, but it was at a fancy place and I tend to relish every excuse to get gussied up, so there you have it. Knowing the weather was going to suck, and we were walking, I decided to sweep my hair back in a neat bun - something that could withstand wind and rain. After a few attempts and finally achieving a hairdo I was happy with (the bun was still crooked but the hell with it, I'd given up), I realized that my face looked especially elongated. Having read tons of magazines during my adolescent years, I'd seen several articles about the best hairstyles and cuts for one's facial shape - each one was meant to make your face look closer to the "ideal" face shape. Girls with oval faces were constantly told to wear their hair in ways that would make their faces look rounder. And there I was, not wearing one of those styles, and while I still looked amazing, my face was as long as ever.

And I didn't give a fuck.

Seriously, what does it matter what shape my face was? Why was an oval face less pretty than a round face or a heart-shaped face? Does beauty really only come in one shape? I looked bangin' overall, so did my face shape make all that irrelevant? Bullshit, of course it didn't. Real beauty comes in different shapes and sizes, there can't be one ideal that excludes tons of women just because they weren't "made right."

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