Monday, February 21, 2011

Me and My Bush

I was never one to want to shave my nether region. I was not at all comfortable with the idea of sticking something sharp near some of my most precious (not to mention most sensitive) body parts, and I felt a spiritual attachment to it. All I was willing to do was shave the bikini line, because even I wasn't okay with my pubes sticking out of a bathing suit for all to see.

Naturally, I was not happy when guy after guy wanted me to shave down there. No, it was not happening, regardless of their stupid arguments - it's as if guys think that because they're intimate with a girl they have a say over what she does with her body. Make no mistake, when a man is intimate with a woman, he is a guest, not a tenant and certainly not a property owner, unless his partner is willing to give him that ownership. Sadly, too many girls do, and even self-proclaimed feminists admit to shaving because their partners prefer it. What about what they prefer? Doesn't that matter more?

In general, the main argument for shaving pubic hair, aside from the bullshit "it's cleaner" argument, is the fact that most guys prefer it that way. As if women should be altering their bodies to be more appealing to their male sex partners. Is it just me, or is that total crap?

Anyway, the guy I'm dating now keeps wanting me to shave it off just to try it, and accuses me of holding onto my hair because I'm afraid of letting go. Right, because choosing to keep one's body hair is something only a psychologically sick person would do. Fuck that shit.

Don't get me wrong, I have tried trimming. Twice even. For a guy I was dating a few years ago. I hated it both times, I hated the way it looked and the way it felt. So I stopped. This past weekend my friends were working on a project involving pubic hair, so I decided (admittedly under the influence) to donate as much as I could. Yep, I cut most of it off. And while I didn't mind helping out a friend, I hated the way it felt having hardly any hair down there. I still don't like it. My little man in the boat feels all exposed, and masturbation and intimacy really don't feel that much better.

Needless to say, I'm growing it out. And to anyone else who tries to tell me I'm dirty or selfish, fuck you.

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